Share your hobbies


So I know lots of people here do lots of interesting stuff! Thought it would be good to hear them, mainly cos I’m nosey :grin: but also could be inspiration for other people looking for ways to fill their sober lives.

I do belly dancing, yoga, and some volunteering. I’m a trustee at a youth club and help out at a soup kitchen. Do a bit of walking too.

Am also supposed to be doing an MSc but struggling to find the motivation to make a start on my final project!


I train in Martial Arts, and grow fruits and vegetables.


Does AA stuff count as a hobby? I also really enjoy biking and walking. Camping and attending sporting events when I can. Bonfires and BBQs are a must. And we are going on a haunted train ride next weekend.


Learning how to grow fruit and veg is on my to do list. I work four days a week (Fridays off) - I am toying with the idea of seeing if I could volunteer with the people who deliver our veg on my day off. But I need to start using my Fridays to finish my MSc first!


I think given the amount of AA stuff you do it has to count as a hobby :joy:

What kind of sporting events? We live kind of near Old Trafford and I have registered for the ballot to see the Ashes (cricket) next year. Would like to try and catch a match or two there over the summer though, I’m not really into sports but cricket is quite good to watch. It’s pretty laid back.


Want to get started? Get some herb seeds, plant them in pots, and put them in a sunny window. A little water and occasional fertilizer, and the plant will do what it wants to do: Grow. It is great to have a bit of fresh basil, or chive, or oregano to add to whatever you are cooking. Then go bigger, when you have some time.


Football season is going on. I also go to hockey and lacrosse games.


I have a few succulents so far and I have managed to get an avocado growing from seed.

Herbs are a good idea, we mainly cook from scratch and fresh herbs are so much better than dried. We have a bay tree in the garden which pretty much looks after itself. I also have some mint outside - which I learned needs to go in a pot because otherwise it gets EVERYWHERE.


Sports are my main hobby anything related to Las Vegas. UNLV ,Raiders, Golden Knights, and Nationals fan.


I practice muay thai and also love ceramics!
Last year I made a course and I made this!


They look amazing! That’s so cool.

What’s muay thai?


Muay Thai is a martial art of Thai origin. What makes it different is the use of knees and elbows to hit!


Yes, it does LOL! I have a patch of chocolate mint that is insane. I dig it bag every fall, when it goes dormant, pot some of it, and give it away.

Another plant that will take over is tomatoes. I grow heirlooms. I try to pick up the fruits that drop, but sometimes I cant and a squirrel gets one and takes it somewhere. I have tomato plants pop up everywhere.


Hockey hockey hockey. But the beer in the room after can be a pain…lol.


I like gardening have now for 50 years used to play soccer go to the gym ,play squash, golf, swim, walking. but today i still walk and swim but i like watching sports now like Glasgow Celtic and if i want to go to sleep fast Cricket lol .


I run. That’s my primary hobby. I try to run sessions of Dungeons & Dragons with my friends any chance I get.


I tried chocolate mint for the first time on holiday. I didn’t know it existed! Bet it tastes amazing in chocolate cake.

I tried tomatoes once but they all stayed green. Made some good chutney from them though! Going to try next summer but put them in grow bags and put them in the front garden which gets more sun. Good tomatoes are my favourite food.

Love that squirrels are helping with you growing :joy: Although I bet it’s a bit annoying.


I think there’s a few ice hockey teams near me. Might try and check out a game some time!


Fried Green Tomatoes are fantastic.


I like the idea of gardening but am not so good at maintaing mine. Fortunately my Mum is an excellent gardener and has filled my garden with plants that look after themselves! The only one I regret is a buddleia which is out of control :joy: Good or the butterflies though.

I don’t watch cricket often but it’s the kind of sport I like. Something where you don’t have to pay too much attention! Watched a game at Lordes once and it was a brilliant day out.