Sober Rosa Feels All The Feels

Happy birthday, Rosa! I don’t talk much on here, but I love all of your commentary and contributions here. I hope it’s the beginning of a wonderful year!


I’m also late … Happy Birthday Rosa :confetti_ball::birthday::sunflower::people_hugging::hugs::tulip::sunflower:


@Nordique @Merryshoes @erntedank Not late at all! ‘Tis my birthday week, after all :wink: And since I wasn’t feeling that great yesterday I am glad to keep the celebrations going for a few days still!

My parents sent me lovely flowers yesterday (though I was grumpy about getting up from a nap to answer the door, oops!) and my husband came home from work with a little bag of goodies and more flowers. He even finished cooking dinner. I’ll light a candle on one of the cupcakes he brought tonight and sing myself happy birthday, although hearing my 3 year old niece sing it to me on the phone yesterday was priceless! I’m cooking that meal I had planned tonight but will lounge and knit for a while today. I even had a decent night’s sleep last night :blush: A very good bday week so far.

Much love, amigos. :heartpulse:


Hi Rosa! A Very Happy Birthday week to you :sunny::blush:
Very grateful for your wise shares you certainly have the qualities of a noble elder. I want you to know you are loved here :owl::owl::owl::heart::heart::heart::birthday::birthday::birthday:


Holy wow, that is a festive haul!!! As we say here, Happy Birth Day Season!!!:heart::tada::birthday::heart::sparkles:

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Thanks, I can relate in some ways

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Just wanted to say hello and ask how you’re doing? I’m sure you’ve been busy, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you and hope you’re doing well :heart::people_hugging:


Thanks for checking in, friend! Definitely keeping busy prepping for this move but today I’m exhausted. Taking an easier day and trying to get some rest…I know you know how crappy insomnia can be. Hoping for a more restful night tonight :heartpulse: Hope you’re doing okay, I haven’t ready your posts recently. Sending hugs.


Just linking some recent posts from the check in thread here for my own purposes.

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