Why must we do the 12 steps again and again?

So I thought something magical happens forever after doing the steps,I was like at first the steps sound like chemotherapy. Lol,you do it till the cancer is gone and your good but it’s funny I mention that because even with chemotherapy eliminating the cancer it can come back specially if you don’t take even more care for yourself. So when we first work the steps,we are writing and sharing with our sponsor about our days of active addiction, not at all about our days in recovery unless we immediately fuck somebody over in the process or they fuck us over and we get a resentment that must be added on our 4th step or an 8th and a 10thstep. But when we finish the steps more than likely alot of new people and situations have entered our lives for the first time,and we will fall short once again and more importantly if we had that spiritual awakening from the 12th step it’s almost impossible to continue on with recovery without doing the steps again. The house still gets dirty after remodeling it.


From my knowledge, some people certainly do do the steps over again. But some people don’t, and a proper step 10 inventory is the place to deal with new resentments and fears etc, so you don’t have to go back and rehash step 4 and 8 if you don’t want to.


I work 3,6,7,10,11,12 on a regular basis. Or at least I try my best to.

6 and 7 are my favorites because I feel like they allow me the greatest opportunity for growth


I was told after i got through the steps i had to practice 10-11-12 in my daily life only repeat the rest if i went out again or was taking a newbie through the program , so if your saying its almost impossible to continue on recovery without doing them again , i must have done the impossible ?? i take it you have had years of experience working the program and teaching it to newcomers ? keep on trucking


The book says we practice these principles in all our affairs.

Practicing principals = Working the steps.

I’ve been working the steps with a sponsor from the books. Big Book and 12x12 It’s the first time in a long time I have done this.

I didnt think I was going to have much of a 4th step to do. I did a thorough fourth and fifth the first time. I hadn’t done anything bad to anyone since. I haven’t felt any guilt or shame over anything I have done to anyone

I’ve been working my fourth for a couple of weeks. It’s taking way longer than expected because I have so many toxic resentments. It’s mostly about things other people have done to me. They just keep coming up. I keep writing… My poor sponsor. :rofl:

Had I not become willing to work with a sponsor. I would have just kept carrying them.

It feels good just acknowledging them and feeling willing to let them go.

Then, I will have to carry on with the maintenance steps, and the principles behind them.

Lately I’ve been hearing the words emotional sobriety a lot. The steps help us with that too.

I haven’t been tempted to drink for a while. I haven’t hung onto my ass in over a year. Since crab season ended I have been all over the place emotionally. My anxiety was bad.

Working the steps has helped me tremendously with that.


I know some people in my home group of N.A. who work a strong program and have done the steps several times over in there recovery just to keep themselves in check so it seems. I know some probably don’t need to and that’s great honestly that’s too much damn work to be doin all over again haha. The ones I do know that do work the steps all over again with a lot of clean time seem to be great examples of what the the gift of recovery as a whole should be in ones life. Then again I could be totally full of shit lol.


Fuckin solid :pray: thanks for sharing


So a suggestion is something involving someone giving you a recommendation most likely from previous experience, I have to strongly disagree with you as far as not needing to work the steps in order to recover,we have a spiritual condition and it must be treated with spiritual principles and let’s not forget this is a 12 step program NA,and AA. I suggest you speak to your sponsor because we must carry the message of recovery in the way the program is designed for it Tobe carried. I have never in my years heard any old timers or people with double digit years say they changed without the steps, it’s in our DNA as addicts to be self centered, you don’t get rid of that by just attending meetings and maintaining abstinence. I am not criticizing you but I feel you are misinformed

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“This is not rocket science. It’s not school home work.”
Is a good example of why we need step work. No offense brother it’s all love :blue_heart:

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Ahhh I think I see you’re point lol. Apologies. Maybe it’s you’re name I judged you my bad.

More will be revealed @RecoveryRoy How free do you wanna be? :two_hearts:

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Your right this program is simple .i went to my first meeting in1986 and i did what was suggested id would have stood on my head if required i wanted to get sober and when my late sponsor guided me through the steps i found them easy as i was conditioned to except any suggestions that would help my sobriety , every body has opinions how it works i stick to the big book its worked for me for almost 36 years . keep on trucking


The steps are the same in AA or NA but I am an NA guy bootz,but we are all together in this

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It’s an interesting take
Most people do the 12 steps first time round jn early sobriety, and it’s a tall task. But like most things it gets easier

The idea of repeating is applying the concepts in your everyday life, the more you apply, the better you get at it

It’s kinda like a sports team they’ll run the same play over and over again in practice till it’s perfect

Practice like you play, and you see results, practice not until you get it right, but until you can’t get it wrong


ChrisR I guess that depends on how spiritual you are and how well you can keep your character defects in check,some people are sicker than others and that topic is a prime example of what they mean by that. It’s not that I have done crazier shit only by when they say that it’s also on how much of an application of spirituality do I need to not act out in my old ways

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Im sorry but im new to all this whats “AA” and these “12 steps” can someone please help me im just trying to not drink anymore and all im reading is peoples problems on here and low key advice im not looking for.

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I guess 12 steps as a whole it’s an attitude before life and things. Each new situation and problem needs a step, again!

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AA is a program called Alcoholics Annonymous and within their program are the 12 steps. New members of AA work through these steps with a ‘sponsor’ who is also a member of AA.

Really? Maybe read through some more threads… there is plenty of support and advide to be found. Bear in mind though, that becoming sober doesn’t mean we don’t have problems in life anymore. But it does mean we need to learn how to deal with them sober rather than numbing them ‘away’ and yes absolutely, we are here for eachother on this forum to help where we can.


This thread in particular may be helpful to you


Hey Joey there are different categories to choose from. And sometimes someone who is going through a problem just like you can help you find a solution if they got through it a specific way that might work for you. But I understand you fully in also wanting the tools the program has to offer.