Wife moved out

My wife moved out while I was at work.
Planned for months. She has her own place now 20 min’s away. She told me she needs her own space for awhile but still wants to be married. At first obviously very hard. I wasn’t doing well…After having blood work done the found liver failure did all the test. August 27 2020 was my first day sobor. If you read my story. You will see I am very lucky to have a great job where my insurance pays me while starting my journey, well for 3 more weeks anyway. I’m obviously still in distress I have a therapist and marriage counseling. My mind is all over the place. Today I tried focussing on one thing. Soak that one thing up try and focus all of that energy and thoughts in my head on one thing and enjoy it find something you like concentrate only on that even if it’s for only 10 minutes. It was great I got to fully enjoy one of my all time favorite artists Metallica enter sandman used to love that song I really love that song now with my sober brain struggling still I was up every 20 minutes it seemed like last night don’t know why first night in a little while that that’s happened kind of scared me little stressed anyone got some advice love to hear some


Welcome to the community friend. That sounds like a hell of a journey and it sounds like you’re headed in the right direction.

Below I’ve linked a post with a ton of great resources that hopefully will help you starting out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome. I am glad you are here, sharing your journey. Sorry that you are in the midst of so much turmoil right now, and I am sure the temptation to escape is ever present.

Sometimes the storm is so great that you have to lash yourself to the mast of the ship, and pray until the storm passes.

No matter what, say “no” to the drink that matters…the first drink. When you do, you win 100%, because there won’t be a second, or third, or eighth. The war is won, one battle at a time.

Let this be the lowest point in your life, the place you climb out of. The place you look down on and say, “never again”.



I so so so love this. :pray:


Welcome!! I am sorry your marriage is struggling, it happens, I know. It can feel so urgent, so raw. :heart: We DO get thru these challenges in life. You have a lot on your mind and that may effect your sleep. Do you get any physical activity? Even a brisk walk after dinner or before can help ease us a bit. A warm soak in the tub with epsom salts (magnesium) can also help. Sobriety helps too. :heart:

Hi Matthew,

So sorry to hear your problems. You can do this. Keep listening to Metallica, keep sober, work on having a better life.

Here’s Papa Het talking about his drink problems


Thanks so much…I’m sharing more and more as I get comfortable. Thanks for the warm welcome and great info…

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You just blew me away…my hairs are standing on end. I think that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. 18.7 days sobor and counting thank you. You helped me today


Sent the video to my wife to watch as well

I’m really pleased that helped. I’m day 12 today. I’m walking new roads here and don’t really know where they lead, but I do know that every day I keep walking I am getting further away from the place I used to be. I’m not looking ahead because if I do, I’ll see some of the tricky sections of road up ahead and I’ll think about turning back. I’ll deal with those when I get there, for now, I’ll just keep walking. Put some great tunes on my headphones. Some slayer, Metallica, slipknot, machine head. Listening to them sober is amazing


Hey friend, welcome. I feel for all that you are going through. Be patient and kind to yourself. Things will get better. Coming here and talking about how you feel, your struggles, fears helps out a lot. We are all here for one another. 27 days sober here and I’m slowly feeling like a new person. It sure is an amazing feeling. Hang in there friend❤️