Day 1 . Any hot tips on how to stay sober forever?

Hi all, iam on day one again. I have tried to quit drinking for good, so many times. I’d love your hot tips on how to make it this time around.


Take action today to stay sober today. Tomorrow and the day after that will take care of themselves.


Welcome, Amie! Hot tip #1:
Get A sober toolbox together. Tools include self care, what your plan will be if cravings arise, things you are willing to do to make sure you won’t cave in To the voice inside your head that says it’s ok to drink. Things you can do to change your mindset. It might include having a list of reasons why you want to be sober that you can read every day. It might include reading some good quit literature, search out ideas in the search bar here. It might include visiting TS often and reading various threads and getting some advice and inspiration. It might include posting on the daily checking in thread, or finding someone else you can be accountable to.
Hot tip #2, get alcohol out of your house if you can. I couldn’t cuz my hubby drinks, and it made it a lot harder for me.
Hot tip #3, be clear that you are doing this for yourself, and make it your number one priority. Nothing else is more important right. Ow and for a good while.
Hot tip # 4, and you’ve already done it…is ask for help when you need it! Congrats on reaching out and wanting this. The rest is up to you!!!


Taking things one day, one hour, one minute, and sometimes one second at a time.

Coming here and talking/reading around

Talking with a friend or loved one

Doing a fun activity that takes your mind off of using

Going to a meeting



I tell myself just for today…everyday
It helps me

We are here to support you!! You got this!! Lots if love xxx


Welcome aboard @Soberamie-3
Take it 24 hours at a time, keep choosing sobriety every hour if needs be and don’t give yourself permission to drink.


First welcome to TS. I see great advice from Dan and Patricia. I can share what’s worked for me. I am not an advice giver but maybe something in my story can resonate in you. Full disclosure: my doc was weed and opiates. Not alchol for over 30 years. When i gave up blow I quit drinking. I drugged for 54 years. I ended up in rehab after a serious suicide attempt and a 5 day stay in a state psych ward. Rehab was great for me. When I entered I was more than ready to stop. I did what I was told to do,attend groups and such. My therapist in rehab was overworked but very helpful. When I left I was fortunate to be able to return to my living space. I knew I needed 3 things. A group,a therapist and a psychiatrist to prescribe my antidepressants. I started with S.M.A.R.T. a good program but not a great fit. A friend here told me about Recovery Dharma. That was a game changer. I segued to the originator of Buddhist based recovery Refuge Recovery and that’s my home. I have the utmost respect for 12-step and I gave it a try. Again,not a good fit but made lifelong friends that I see every week. I guess some folks go it alone. I cannot. And some may only use this app. I am on here daily checking in and sharing gratitude. I found what works for me and have been clean for 512 days. I know you can find what works for you @Soberamie-3. Btw,I am a fan of Carl Jung. So great name.


Welcome to this beautiful sober community Amie.
Congratulations on day one.
I start every day with gratitude right here.

I’ve retrained my brain. I got so much to be grateful for when I’m sober.

Here’s another link if your interested.

Have a good read around. Join in when your comfortable.


Welcome back to the site Amie and congrats on getting back on the sobriety track!

  • A few things i tried this time around…
    • surround yourself with support and accountability.
    • go to meeting(s) - try in person and or on line.
    • look into a sponsor
    • possibly with the help of a therapist or on your own - isolate the reason(s) you drink and see how you can heal from them (for me i was filling a void - a never ending hole of banished emotions). It is different reason for everyone
    • change up your routine(s) so you are not the old 5:00 feeling roll around (if you get my drift). I would pick my drinking time to do grocery shopping or work outs (something different).
    • Find ways to keep yourself occupied / busy… i played a lot of games on my phone when i was alone with urges. Ideas to keep yourself busy
    • Staying active here - doing daily check in’s (sometimes multiple times a day) - helps with accountability
    • Practicing daily gratitude

Wishing you luck with your sobriety journey - remember that we are stronger together! Keep strong :muscle:


Just now I was working through some really strong cravings and I just googled before and after pictures of heavy drinkers who have quit. Everyone looked so much better. Healthier, brighter, clearer. That worked for me this time.


Yes- this is a great motivation!!
Welcome to the community and your life of sobriety


Try AA it worked for me. Couldnt stop couldnt stay stopped I needed a program of action and accountability. I actually went thru the steps and took the stupid suggestions. Almost 3 years sober. I tried every other way none of them worked.

I said I was willing to do everything but for the longest time I refused to try the #1 program in the world for alcoholics trying to achieve sobriety.

But that was just my experience.


Welcome to the sober crew! Just keep your why in mind. Why are you doing it? Why do you NEED to get sober? What lies have your vices sold you? Are you content with being a user for life or are you looking to be yourself again? Stay focused on that and you’ll find the days pass and you don’t even think about it anymore.

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I, personally, try not to think in terms of Forever.

The cliché:

 Just For Today

is a cliché for a reason. And, sometimes, for me, it’s literally:

 Just For The Next 5 Minutes

Hang in there, build a solid support group and reach out to them when you’re struggling. Take suggestions from those who have wisdom. Breathe. Good luck. You CAN do it!


Start by coming here every day and being active.


Thanks everyone. Some smashing tips from you all, it’s much appreciated :wink: glad to be here. :pray:


No idea about forever, but I do know that taking it a day at a time and regular attendance at AA and working the steps has kept me sober on a daily basis


My #1 tip…focus on today and being sober right now. Today is 100% manageable. Way less pressure. :people_hugging:


What are you doing on a daily basis to seek outside support for your sobriety?


I go to this page daily for support. I have brought two books on sobriety and I listen to sober podcasts. I don’t go to any groups.

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