Checking in Daily to maintain focus #13

continued from Checking in Daily to Maintain Focus #12


@802 … I’m sorry to hear this Blake. Drinking will not change the situation. You need to stay clear headed and face this head on. Be ready in case you need to get to the hospital. You don’t want to be in a situation, if things go down hill, where you’re in no shape to be there for your family. Stay strong!! Keeping you and your family in my prayers. :pray: :heart:

Tried to reply to you before the thread closed


Sorry to hear this. It is why you need to stay sober and keep moving forward. To be present. Great job on 94 days!!!


Thanks so much. He is doing ok. We cant go to the hospital due to Covid.

This is not something I will pick up a drink over. I just recognized how I was feeling and knew it was time to reach out. Already feel so much better.


Thanks so much!

Phew!! I was worried you were having thoughts to pick up. I didn’t even think about no visitors at hospitals yet. I’m glad you’re in a better place mentally.

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I think this was one of the big reasons I drank, to have an excuse to do nothing. Not sure if you’re the type of person that is constantly “on the go”, and not just physically, but mentally as well…always needing to be doing something more to feel useful or ‘worthy’.

Anyways, drinking was my release from the constant state of doing and bettering. I never took time to just do nothing and relax (unless I was drinking). I thought I would get lazy if I let my guard down and just relaxed. Now in sobriety, I do it all the time and I’m so much less rigid and controlling…I mean I’m still working on it lol but I feel better at least. It took some internal dialogue and negotiating to allow myself this kind of day, but I love those days now.

Why couldn’t you have taken the day off and done what you wanted to do without drinking?


I am so glad to hear it! Good for you! That one stupid pro (checking out) sometimes can feel so overwhelming, u do lose sight of literally everything else. ‘Do the next right thing’ is sometimes all we have.


Hey there…your post definitely makes sense to me. By the end of my drinking, it wasn’t even that enjoyable…all it helped me do was escape…and then feel a whole lot worse once I was done escaping. When I got sober, it could quite a while…but I finally started to get quiet enough to hear the thoughts before my actions. At the end of the day…there was an issue with my internal monologue AND how I was processing the day. It wasn’t my regular life I needed to escape from…it was that silent quiet observer that was telling me through out the day that I wasn’t good enough/didn’t know what I was talking about etc. that’s what I needed a break from. That’s what I was trying to escape. When I started to change the conversation in my head, it helped a whole bunch. Any who…good luck her too.


Day 565. Today I stood up for myself and others when it was deeply uncomfortable to do so. I also had a hugely productive meeting that felt really good. Hoping for a relaxing weekend that brings some clarity to my future plans.


That has really made me think. Thank u!

So close to double digits again I can taste it.


:joy: Gotcha lol and you’ll get there! I’m happy you came back (I know you’ve been back a while) and are doing well. I hope you find some time to relax this weekend.


You have described Soooooo familiar feelings I come across in my life with the only difference I usually fail and drink… reading it I started think I read about myself. Lol
Stay strong Chris.

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Busy day working, followed by a Zoom call with cousins from the east coast, then a medical massage which relieved a lot of tension. Much better then Friday night cocktails😃 Looking forward to getting some bike time in this weekend.

@anon43625156, @Sam7, @EarnIt and @residentevile congrats on day 7. We need May 15th club challenge!

@Frantastico You Rock on 1 year. Your mention that it does get easier gives me hope.

@Apes2020 I’ve been listen to podcasts for a few years and the variety just keeps getting better.

@Beardy_McTallman kudos for resistance, you’re got this


247 Days. I need to learn how to say no. I’m a people pleaser and find it very hard. A family member asked me to help her out. I had to drive 5 hours round trip after working a 9 hour day. I reminded her that my license is still suspended thinking she would say never mind but nope. Her response was “just obey the speed limit and you’ll be fine.” She knows I have so much going on in my own life and obviously doesn’t care.

Then my boss emails all her receipts and asks me to do her expense report. She does this on a Friday when we’re closing early. Of course, I worked longer just to get it done. Yes, she asks but how can I say no. I ler her know I had other work related things that had to get done first. Her response was “I know you can squeeze it in before the day is over.”

I continously allow people to take advantage of my kindness. I need to work on setting boundaries.


I am like this, it’s hard , may try to gently laugh these requests off, as if they’re joking!

“Drive while suspended, yea good one lol”
“Do your expenses today lol, it will be late enough by the time I’ve got my own jobs done sorry” :love_you_gesture::slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll have to try that going forward. Next time I’m asked to drive, I’ll ask if they’re prepared to pick me up from jail if needed. lol


Thought I’d better do a day 7 check in. I plan on nailing this week beer free :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:


Yes exactly lol, good one :muscle:

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