Day 1…gotta fix myself right now

Hey everybody! I decided that today will be day 1 of no drinking. I’ve been drowning myself lately and I’m just so sad. It’s been affecting my job and personal life, my motivation has completely disappeared. No one knows how heavy I’ve been drinking besides my 18 year old and he hates it. I need some support. I know this first week of withdrawals are going to be hard and try to push me to drink. Just wanted to vent. Hope everyday is doing okay today! :purple_heart:


Welcome to the community, Kita! I get that things feel pretty hard right now, but don’t worry about the first week of withdrawals. Just decide to be sober right now, here for this moment, one minute at time. One day at a time.

Lots of people use the Checking in Daily thread. It’s a great way to interact with others here, and also helps build some accountability. :point_down:

Stick around, read how others have conquered the first few days and longer. There’s a lot of motivation to be found on these threads! And lots of wisdom that comes from experience. We never have to have another Day 1. :relieved:


I should add - don’t worry about the first week of withdrawals, unless you need some medical assistance. There’s no shame in that! Others here will have more experience and insight about that.
Do get some water, some rest, and be good to yourself. :people_hugging::orange_heart:


Welcome to the site and congratulations for wanting to make a change for yourself and for your son. You can do it. The help is here for you, read the links, get active with the community if you’re comfortable with that. You will see/ meet others who are going through or who have gone through much similar to what you will be going through.
You found a good community here of information, support and understanding. Again, welcome.

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Hi Nikita and welcome here :raising_hand_woman:
This place is a good way to start your sobriaty.
I was a daily drinker for a long time. Wine was my to go to but if not availeble any alcohol was ok too :hugs:
I’m sober for more then 5 years today with the help of this app. Recovery is work, hard work and you need a plan. A plan to think on front of how to deal with cravings ore other difficult things in life without your old way to deal with it: picking up a drink.
I would reccoment to read this thread:What's YOUR plan? It explains a lot about the stages of recovery and the importancy to make your own “sober plan”
I made my own plan and writed it down on a piece of paper. When I had 2 years of sober time I shared it here. I will share it with you, maybe you see something in it you can use too.
2 years sober and what helped me to get there:
If you have any questions about this forum, feel free to ask! There is always someone awake to help!
And…congratulations with your day one! You can do this! :facepunch:

See you around! :raising_hand_woman:


Hey Kita,

Today is day 2 for me. I haven’t even made a post until now. Been lurking and reading lots.
Just wanted to say Hi and welcome you.


Just saying welcome to @Kita and @Juvi007 , glad you are here. TS has been such an amazing support for me. I couldn’t seem to string more than a couple days together until I found this site, I’m so very grateful. See you around!!

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Thank you Pattycake for the welcome. I plan on being here everyday!!

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