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Checking in on day 233 alcohol free and day 35 cannabis free.


Checking in day 15 feels good to have 2 weeks under my belt. Am finding some small urges to drink but not ones that I’m any where near to acting on. Still keeping a fairly low profile as to avoid too much temptation. Finding that I’m eating more though which is not good, need to keep a check on that but since Iv also basically stopping vaping too as was at the point that I only really do that when i drink, it’s very easy to substitute with food. Need to think about how I can make sure I don’t start over eating all the time!


Checking in Day 117, feeling good

I realize I don’t have to start my strict diet til tomorrow so ordered a burger lol.

May we all have a clean, sober, and happy day!


@Callie99 Sorry you’re feeling so yuck. You have your original ideas why you decided to quit drinking.
Write them on a piece of paper, pros and cons. Remember why you originally decided to quit. I know a lot of the reasons, you posted them on here. I quit drinking when I wasn’t much older than you are. I cannot imagine having spent those years drinking. I’ve had full social life without drinking. My not drinking did not interfere with any of that at all in any shape or form. At the beginning my friends wanted to know why I stayed around with them because they said I couldn’t have fun if I didn’t drink. That wasn’t the case. As the years went by it just became a given that I didn’t drink. If you’re feeling weak in your sobriety look at your beginning tools that you used to stay strong. But again go back and read your own posts of how grateful and thankful you are that you quit drinking. And your reasons why you wanted to stop. Reinforce that on this Monday. Few I would think have looked back and thought ohh geee, I wish I had drank all those years ( away). Big hugs to you.


Hey everyone day 46. Much love to all have a good day


Thank you Alisa :yellow_heart: you are completely right. Drinking Caroline is an old chapter of my life. I think it’s time for me to turn the page. New sober Caroline chapter. I think that’s why I’m feeling lost. I haven’t accepted that I finished that chapter and it’s time to start a new one. You are a positive light and I’m happy you are in my life :kissing_heart:


I can so relate to this.

I know when I stopped drinking, it felt like I had lost my best friend. It seems like that’s a pretty common feeling among addicts when they quit, just from reading around here and a couple of books I’ve read.

It just takes a while to accept the fact that it’s in the past and you aren’t that person any more. The feeling will pass :slightly_smiling_face:


So he just said he doesnt want to continue seeing me. I dont wanna drink but I do because this hurts. I wont drink though. But it just… Hurts.

Edit. But why does it hurt? Like I freaking KNEW it that there is no fucking way a person like that would like a person like me. I just am not at his level. Learning every day :joy:


If all I change in my life is not drinking I think I will feel stagnant. I’m honestly much different then I was over two months ago. I’m sure that might sound silly. But I’m not content with the life I was living while I was drinking. I just didn’t have the clarity to see it till now. I know it’s time for a new career and I think I know where I want to head. As the trend seems to be when I’m uncomfortable in my sobriety it’s usually for a good reason. As long as I slow down and think why I am feeling a certain way. I think it’s time for me to leave behind a career that no longer serves the life that I want to live.
I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling this way @Nordique
And thank you for the reminder to revisit my why Alisa :kissing_heart:


Here is a big hug for your hurt. I am sorry. Ouch. I hope you are still on vacation. If so, enjoy each and every second and the new experiences you are having. I see your edit. You are a wonderful person, now you are a worldly wonderful person, and there will be men who will appreciate you for the wonderful person you are!


Congratulations on your 30 days of sobriety. That first 30 ODAATs was a difficult time for me too.
I’m so glad you are here. @Shae


So sorry to hear, Jenna. But please be kind to yourself!

Nah. Not true at all.
Chin up, sunshine. His loss.
There is someone out there who will appreciate you.


Huge congrats on 30 days :yellow_heart:


Nah, maybe he’s not at your level. Your a awesome person. Keep your head up


Leave out the maybe. You’re way out of his league. There’s something much better waiting for you. Hugs!


@Jennajen… I second what @Powerfulmikelamica said, I’m sorry that happened to you!


Sorry to hear that. It is not true that u are “not at his level”. You are a great, smart person. You also don’t know what is going on in his brain. Time to find someone that fits u better. Or time to focus on you.


@Flagrantfowl welcome :slightly_smiling_face: belated congrats on day 1 :tada:
@Hopeful777 thank you :blue_heart: I did email them 2 weeks ago and they said the post had been very in demand so it was taking a long time to assess all the interviews and they’d update everyone asap. Belated congrats on 11 months :tada:
@5th_dimension awesome response to Mike :raised_hands:t2:
@SeanOReilly welcome :slightly_smiling_face: belated congrats on 3 days :tada:
@liv_m I hope you enjoyed the spa :smiley: belated congrats on 4 months :tada:
@Lotusflower welcome back :slightly_smiling_face: congrats on double digits :tada:
@Angst-Berg I’m sorry your old wounds felt raw over the holiday, sending strength :blue_heart:
@Sunshinegirl I’m so sorry about your travel being cancelled, I really hope you can all get there sometime soon :pray:t2: belated congrats on 2 weeks :tada:
@Scrammbles belated congrats on your week :tada:
@Kady belated congrats on 2 weeks :tada: you definitely made the right decision :clap:t2:


@Mephistopheles I hope you had a great night seeing your old favourite band :star_struck::metal:t2:
@Newlife5 belated congrats on your week :tada:
@Lisa07 so sorry about your close friend, sending prayers :pray:t2: belated congrats on 800 days :tada:
@Its_me_Stella belated congrats on 700 days :tada:
@Freckles welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:
@LAB belated congrats on your month :tada:
@Girlinterrupted I’m so sorry you’re hurting, and about the MS, sending love and strength :blue_heart::pray:t2: Congrats on 1.5 years sober :tada:
@DivorcedDad83 Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: congrats on 11 days :tada:
@Frank68 sending strength :blue_heart: hope you made it through last night :pray:t2:
@MagicILY congrats on your year without weed :tada::star2::trophy: