Meeting please

I really need to join an online meeting. it’s time for me to do it!!! but I am struggling because there’s so many options online and I don’t know where to start. I’m looking for AA meetings in my time zone but I also don’t want it to be in my direct area… Does anyone have any suggestions of where to start. I’m in BC. Pacific daylight Time.


Could you try the 24 hour zoom code that @Twizzlers often links to ? I am sorry I can’t be more help as in Britain and not much experience. Sending strength :blue_heart:



I may check out this women’s one, thank you! I’ve been thinking I probably need to get on some type of online meetings, since my way hasn’t been working. I tried another one 1st go around, I was so confused and lost, the man talking was crying and sounded suicidal. I was overwhelmed and got off. Also need to set up zoom on my laptop and not my work one :slight_smile: @Miranda Hi! I’m glad you’re still here and hope you get the support you need. :hugs:


Funny that the password for the Women’s meeting is Billw.


Lol yes, but Bill was one of the founders of AA

You can find tons online. I’m in US but often do zoom meetings in new Zealand, Australia, UK.

I really enjoy attending those

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Makes sense :heart:

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Ive enjoyed the beginners meetings and speaker meetings. If you download the Everything AA app theres an online meeting lookup which you can filter

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