Ok I'm new here it's day 2 going into it day 3

Hello my name is Jodi I am in day two and a half of my recovery. My DOC is cocaine.
This has been extremely difficult especially since I’m by myself.
I’m on the waiting list for treatment and my counselor didn’t even call me yesterday. I’m really struggling I need support please help me.


I’m not even sure if I’m really doing this right I don’t really know what I’m doing. All I know is isolation is really bad for me and I’ve had some major cravings today what are you doing you have cravings I don’t know


it’s great to have you here, keep reading and posting this place at the very least can be a distraction but reach out and let us know how things are going and it could likely save your life. Exaggeration??, look at the numbers, we can’t all be wrong. Your not alone anymore. Wish you well on your journey :+1:

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Thank you so much I really appreciate your responding I’m feeling very lost and triggered and feeling like I want to use I don’t know what else to do right now I’ve been asleep for 3 days

if you want to just sit and listen with or without the camera on here is a 24 hour NA meeting. But here is good to. I’m actually at work at the moment but keep posting and people will get back to you. It’s hard we all know exactly how you feel but your doing great, that pain your going to feel is you being strong. Everything your going through is perfectly normal and no matter how hard it gets it’s only for today. Tommorow I can do whatever I want, get drunk, high or completely fucked up but just for today I’m going to choose not to. Breathe, cry, scream, sleep, eat, walk, bath and cry some more. Do whatever it takes bc you are worth it. OK I better go do some work. take care.

that’s a zoom meeting BTW

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Welcome Jodi.
Congratulations on day 2. I’m glad you found us.
This is a great sober community to get and give support. Have a good read around. Join in when your comfortable. Two great threads I like to use.

Daily Gratitude List. Gratitude The Air Of Recovery

Ya don’t isolate. That’s what your addict brain wants. It’s easier for that addict brain to win you over when you’re alone. Have a good read around here. Join in when you’re comfortable. You’re not alone.

Time alone is the worst. My mind never stops thinking at alone time. You need to find stuff to occupy your mind, the first few days while detoxing relax and binge watch tv or activities that aren’t to strenuous. Use this sight 24 hrs for support. Someone is always around

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Welcome Jodi! Cocaine was one of my many addictions. I promise it does get easier. In the meantime, stick around, read, post and continue interacting.

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Keep fighting ! I was addicted to Crack 2 years ago so I can relate to the Cocaine issue. I just came off a really bad 2 month binge on alcohol that landed me in the hospital. Im now on day 10 of sobriety and found a great AA fellowship. Lots of Love and Hope in these AA and NA groups. Hang in there. I believe in you !!!

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Well done on bouncing back, 10 days is great :+1:

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