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Hi all im new here and i hope to learn from others. Im a soldier and have an addiction problem. I really ned to sort myself out Thank you


Welcome to Talking Sober and glad to have you aboard Norman! This place is a great place to find support from people who know the deal. I belief strongly that when it comes to addiction, we need the help from our peers and this place is a great place to find it. Take your time to get acquainted with the forum, have a look at some of the longer running bigger threads like the check in thread and try and learn some from the resources thread.
And in general: find support here, give support, share, learn, read. Or any combination of these. Wishing you all success and hope to see more of you. We’re in this together friend. You’re not alone.


Get sober and concentrate on doing the next right thing

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Welcome to the sober crew! This place and aa (and putting in the work) are the reasons i have a little over a year free from weed and alcohol after 20 years of problem drinking. No matter what your drug of choice (doc) we all are fighting addiction and we are stronger together.

You made a first great step acknowledging you have a problem. Try to find as many sober tools as you need to get thru the cravings. With time they become less. There is hope.

Glad you found us. Join in and read lots!


Welcome Norm :hugs:
I have found this app to be a great place for support.

Gratitude has been a key tool in my recovery. When I first started out I use to come on here and just list what I was grateful for when I’m sober. Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #4
And read what other people were grateful for.
Turns out I got a lot more to be grateful for when I’m sober than when I’m drinking. When I’m drinking. I got nothing!

Have a good read around and join in when you’re comfortable.


Welcome to the community!