My imaginary cat, and his adventures

As some of you know, I’ve had a new friend in recent weeks accompanying me in my sober journey. He has brought fun, adventures, and cuddles, and not just to me, so I thought I’d share him with all of you and make his antics easy to find.

I’ll also compile the key points of the story so far to catch you up.

The Beginning

I can’t have cats. But I knew, limited only to my imagination, that I could have the next best thing. Imaginary cats.

It was met with amusement and mild concern.

Since I was just fine, I provided my assurances to that effect.

And so Ronin entered a sort of spotlight.

Some Background

I call him Ronin (meaning “masterless samurai”), mostly out of irony. You see, he’s not respectable, dedicated, and honourable like a real samurai, but his massive ego leads him to believe he is all that and more. He is also masterless in the sense that though he always returns home to me, he does not submit to me or consider me his master. He’s always wandering somewhere. I let him think he’s all noble and independent, and just chuckle to myself when he comes shamelessly begging for salmon.

He’s sassy, needy, has an ego the size of a dump truck, and complains all the time. He is always causing trouble. He also gives the best snuggles and companionship a cat could give.


  1. Why can’t everyone see him? I don’t know. Some people can’t even see the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. They don’t even have imaginary friends . How do they cope with such a bleak existence?
  2. Does he have a litter box? Yes. How do you clean it? I just don’t think about it, and it goes away. :sunglasses:
  3. How does he travel? When I take him with me, I have to stuff him in my bag or something similar, otherwise he wanders off somewhere else. I do occasionally threaten to FedEx him. What about when he’s by himself? I don’t know. It’s much too fast for a car, and he doesn’t seem to have the same restrictions as planes either. I have suspicions that he employs semi-ballistic suborbital spaceflight.

The Adventures

Sometimes I take him with me travelling.

He feels secure and entitled everywhere we go, like the world belongs to him.

He never resists the opportunity for mischief.

And sometimes he’s just 100% basic simple cat.

But EVER SO affectionate.

And once again, not the sharpest tool in the shed, but there’s never much point correcting him.

He’s gone longer some times than others. The longest absences coincide with periods when I’m feeling down. Correlation or causation (and in which direction)? Who knows. But I am always happy to have him back, and the world is right again.

Yeah, I take him out for walks too. People only stare if I look at and talk to him, though. I guess they can’t hear him. Here, he’d just received a new coat knitted from invisible sheep wool, since the weather had cooled and he demands the pinnacle of comfort.

Just like any other cat, he loves playing in boxes.

He is a source of comfort when I’m lonely and bored.

But not dependable. He comes and goes as he pleases. Good adventures result.

He has since visited with @ChicagoT and has made his way safely to meet @cristelclear!

Stay tuned for more…


This is my favorite thread in the history of TS. I shall eagerly await the next chapter of imaginary Ronin and his shenanigans…


This thread is Allsorts of awesome having avidly followed Ronin’s globe hopping adventures he has me hooked and never fails to brighten up my day.
Thanks James :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


This is awesome! Looking forward to his future adventures.


And so it was that dear Ronin arrived in Chicago with all the bluster and bravado of one of our city’s politicians.

He entered our home on a cool fall night, after leaving BC and arriving by way of passage through Minneapolis, where he stopped at a chic cat cafe. This set his arrival back by a day, but he is quite the wanderlust.

Right off the bat, he made his demands clear; an unlimited supply of the finest wet cat food available, preferably with flavors named after human foods.

The first night, he slept next to one of my cats on a kids chair…

But she didn’t seem too thrilled to have a companion. So later, he decided to make his home at the foot of our bed, in spite of our protest.

The very next day as we all left for our family routines, Ronin appeared quite distressed about our indoor cat policy, and even tried to leave with us. And alas, when we came home later, we saw our screen window popped out and he was nowhere to be found.

He was kind enough to leave a few belongings to let us know he’d return. And we were surprised to find a clean litter box too and even some left over food for the “visible cats,” as he called them.

We did get a call from our local Zoo though, saying they had spotted him here, near the flamingos, but he wasn’t really causing any trouble. So we went to get him. If you look closely, you can spot him near the beautiful birds…

On our last night together, you can spot him here, playing in my daughters lap. So cute we thought, but she is only 4, and fell right into his trap - a request for human food; sharp cheddar cheese to be specific. She happily obliged.

As Ronin left for Texas, our pup looked a little forlorn, as they had only just become acquainted. But you can see how fond they are of one another!

So he came and went, and we are all better off to have met him. But we bid you adieu, dear Ronin. Enjoy the Great State of Texas and your visit with @cristelclear.

And James @ifs, thank you for letting us share this time with Ronin!

We look forward to having him back someday!


This is my new favorite thread. Amazing.


Love it!!! The window screen made me laugh! Looks like he had the time of his life! And that poor pup, that crestfallen look… aww he will have to return some day!


Well after a hearty meal upon arrival. Ronin snuggled up on blanket with me to watch Stranger Things as my dog (Walter) jealously looked on. I think he and Walter will be fast friends come morning. I just got in bed and Ronin is already breaking the “no pets on human beds” rule. I’m letting it slide this first night. We have a trip to my mom’s planned for lunch tomorrow. We’ll introduce him to the family. Hopefully he’ll enjoy himself. Goodnight from Texas. :hugs: @cristelclear & Ronin


This is great, thanks James now I can see Ronin’s adventures all on one thread. I’m hoping one day he may make it over the pond. But I guess the good ole US of A is so big it may take a while.
I’ve told Percy my ginger Tom about him but to be honest he didn’t seem all that excited about it. I’m sure that will change though.
Thanks for keeping us updated.
@cristelclear Cristel, have fun with him, he seems to be such free spirit.


I doubt he has the attention span to do the whole USA in just one go. No telling when he’ll decide to cross over there. We’re at the mercy of his moods, will have to see what he decides when it’s time!

Percy is sooooo cuuuuuuteee :heart_eyes:


Hellooooo :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Hanna I think that Ronin will be visiting you and kairi on his way to see us in the UK in a couple of weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was just thinking of that. And if he pops up its gonna be interesting :wink:

How you Gareth??

I’m good thanks how are you? Have your clocks fine back an hour aswell or is it just is that do that. I was to most of the night again, this time watching the Hannibal series on Netflix. Have you seen it? It’s quite freaky and gruesome and a little bit of like a mindhunter type vibe going on.
There was a rat running through our garden yesterday so I could do with Ronin being here, we never usually get rats. It for me singing that rat in my kitchen song :laughing::slightly_smiling_face:


Oh shit Gareth, I didn’t remember that until you reminded me :joy: yesss we are on winter time now. Haven’t seen, got to check it. Watched Ted Bundy interviews last night and don’t think it was worth it :unamused:

Were they real life interviews or was it that courtroom recreation type one. My phone changed the time automatically your may have done the same.
It’s good the Hannibal and there are three seasons with 13 episodes in each one so there’s 39 to watch altogether. Did your manage any sleep last night? I need to get to bed early tonight me for work in the morning. :frowning:

You named your cat after my youngest son! :rofl:
Great name though!! :heart:


Whys he not wearing the jumper I knitted??? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: