Starting over again... for good this time

Hey everyone, found this forum on accident and figured it would be a good place to network and check-in.
I’ve been well over 2 years clean from hard drugs, but alcohol has been a real problem for years.
The longest I’ve gone this year is 84 days. The longest I’ve gone in the last 3 months is 5 days. And here I am on day 2 once again. After a few months of life kicking me while I’m down, I’m getting up and kicking it right back with my steel toe boots this time. The cycle ends NOW.


Welcome @kamj this forum and everyone here have been very supportive and encouraging and open with advice when asked. This forum is a big factor in the fact i have 175 days after 20 years of drinking. Read around and post more when you are able


thank you! I’m hoping to gain some good insight and interactions here. I’ll be fighting some strong anhedonia and anxiety, so i’ll probably end up being pretty active in here.


Lots of people checkin here if not daily

A gratitude practice is beneficial to some here too

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I am right there with you!!! Day 4 for me. If you only knew my story!! This is a great forum. I love it. but its the consistency of checking in. Lets do this. We got this!!


Keep battling, we got this!
I have quite a story as well, but I’m gonna keep all details of my personal life vague or non-existent on here. Only my therapist gets to hear that stuff.

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Hi @kamj! I love this, you sound sure. If you’ve kicked other addictions you can kick this one too. Welcome.

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Welcome, coming here helps break that cycle. Be active, it will help.

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Time will tell. On day 3 and didn’t sleep a wink last night. Intrusive thoughts, chronic loneliness, and ever since I lost my job I’ve been struggling with purpose. Nothing is fun or entertaining so distractions are very hard. I’ve been in this position so many times and I’m ready for this to be the last time.


That sounds rough BUT you did it sober. Keep laying a sober head on your pillow every night. It will eventually feel less like a chore and more like a blessing.