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@Dolse71 congratulations on your 2 year sober birthday. I just seen it going back through the posts. That’s a hell of an accomplishment. You should be proud.


Day 605 today. Did some outside chores around the house, woke up in a funk this morning that I can’t seem to shake. No one cares as long as dad gets the outside chores done and gets the kids what they need. My wife seems irritated with me and is hardly talking with me, for what reason, I don’t know. It could all be very much in my head. I’ll get over it.


Day 82

Short but good day at work. Starting to stress about finances next week. I’m having a minor outpatient surgery next Wednesday so I can only work next Monday and Tuesday….and those days aren’t looking promising at the moment.

Kinda beating myself up about all the crap I’ve been eating lately. I’ve lost 7lbs in the last couple of months, but need to lose another 20. So I haven’t been doing myself any favors with all the processed and sugary foods. Hopefully I’ll have the motivation tomorrow morning to start walking.

Happy sober Wednesday guys!



Thanks so much!

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@Dolse71…Congratulations on 2 years! :tada:
@HoofHearted…Congratulations on 4 years! :tada:

I didn’t realize you both had sober dates so close to mine. I hit 3 years this past Monday. @SoberWalker just celebrated 4 years and @Littlemisschatterbox celebrates 3 years in couple days. Go us!!
Too bad we couldn’t all get together for a big party.


How awesome would that be @Lisa07 !!!
A Soberversary to remember :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

  1. Sober. Bored. Anxious today. I’ll be fine. Heading to a meeting soon.

Maybe next time? Eh? Eh? :wink::wink:

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20 days and haven’t thought about drinking much lately but tonight I’m struggling
I am not drinking tonight


Checking in sober/hangover free. Stressful night at work ahead (catastrophic thinking). Won’t be drinking poison today. :muscle::no_entry_sign::skull_and_crossbones:


34 days. I know I’m being really self centered right now. I just wish I could be seen as a person with real needs. With a real heart. With goodness in me. That I’m not a monster. That I’m not a piece of paper. And it just feels like none of that matters. And nobody gives a damn what happens to me or where I have to go or what my life looks like. Like I have no value at all. No home. Nowhere I’m allowed and wanted. I’m in the way. A burden. A liability. A mistake. Seen as dangerous. My name is on things, but I’m not welcome there. Man.


Day 200 again

I just cleaned the kitchen and started laundry…to avoid the mess in my room :unamused::unamused::unamused:

The type of random, scattered, allover mess that is so overwhelming. It encroaches!!

Well I have to forgive myself for it being midweek and having a lot of items im about to mail, and last weekend I had family. Forgive myself for the messy room, and do just 15 min to make it better!!

I hope on Friday I get to sit at that cafe I like and write. I hope I have the energy. Its still hard to write here. But I have a lot to write!


We see you Kris. Youll get thro this. Stick with us. :hugs:


Woke up today did my devotions watch a little TV I had two interviews this week and the one I really was hoping for came through this morning! I’m so excited to start a new career! Watched some Joyce Meyer, got some inspiration listened to Zach Williams Dry Bones rattling! This day is rocking!


Love Zach Williams, have an awesome day!


How are you doing Miranda?
A good really long hot evening shower with some tears always helped me out a lot at night when I was struggling.
Thinking of ya?
:pray: :heart:


Man that is a lot and I feel for you but I’ll tell you one thing you do have you have 34 motherfucking days sober!! and NOBODY can take that from you. Some days all that we have is our sobriety but we have that and it’s more than we used to have. Which means we’re better off than we used to be.

I have a life motto: Trajectory over Position. It doesn’t matter where you are in life the only thing that matters is your trajectory! You can be living high on the hog or everyone seems to cater to you if you’re trajectory is down over time you will crash. However if you’re at the bottom or somewhere Far Below where you know you should be living but you’re trajectory is pointed up then you are more successful than that person who is in a better position but pointed down! Just keep that chin up keep adding days and eventually not only will your position improve over time but you’re going to be in a good enough space to keep that trajectory stable.

I can’t do shit to fix my past except everything I can to avoid returning. Take care brother. You’re cool in my book.


20 days is huge!! Congratulations!!


I see you @HeyImKris and we are here for you.