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Welcome back @maxwell and stick around. You belong here as much as anyone else!

Day 1867 :walking_woman:
It hit me yesterday when I read that Mathew Perry passed away. I read his book about his struggles with alcohol and drugs. His body has had a lot of damage because of it.
It’s sad…
I hope a lot of people are going to read his book. I hope a lot of people decide it’s enough for them too. He opened up about his struggles and I know for sure that he has helped more people then he knows.

Picture of a little chapel we passed by yesterday during our walk.
Have a good day all :raising_hand_woman:


Checking in…

Getting ready to go into the office.


Wowzer! Well done you :clap:


Congratulations :tada:
We celebrate our milestones together



Up early. Need to to see my GP for a physical check, but hope to have just a little bit of time to talk my mental health too. Things aren’t great. Work was relatively quiet last night, no real problems, people were nice enough, I had some good talks.

Still afterwards on my commute home I felt deflated, dejected, defeated, exhausted, depressed. Empty. Alone and lonely. I don’t know. I need something but I don’t know exactly what yet. Or do I? It’s not alcohol or drugs. That ships have sailed. I have a hunch it has to do with connection. Connection outside of my work, but in my real physical life.

I’ve got some great friends online, friends who I love dearly and who love me loads as well, but I need some connection here, in this town of mine. I have to be able to see and touch the person I’m talking to at times. It’s one thing I haven’t managed to do in 1605 days of sobriety and I need to start doing it now or I’ll fucking kill myself someday.

So. I need to spend less time online, and more in real life. I’m fully intended on checking in here daily. And I love being a moderator here too. Won’t be giving that up any time soon. But otherwise I got to find ways to meet people outside of my own phone and PC. And spend less time here and on the internet in general. Sober and clean. Have as good a day as you all can friends. Love from Amsterdam.

@Mischa84 & @Maestro Huge congrats the both of you!


Well done you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And congratulations to everyone celebrating another day of sobriety.


Day 289.

Top of the morning sober people!

Today I actually managed to wake up at 8, which makes for a nice change from my usual 10-11. It’s the first day I’m actually feeling kinda sorta ok in a while. So I’m just gonna roll with it and get some shit done. Monday is usually my domestic day, but the flat looks clean enough and my poor husband is ill in bed so the last thing he needs is me walking around him with the hoover. Instead, I’ll get some work and shopping done. Maybe cook later. I haven’t actually cooked in ages.


Morning folks!


I live about 80km from Amsterdam so when I’m gonna get my driving licence (exam in January…) I would love to drink some coffee with you. I also miss real ppl in my life although kids keeping me so busy usually I don’t have a time to think about it. But sometimes it hits hard, not gonna lie.
You are great person, I hope you will feel better soon. Big hugs


Hey all, checking in on day 1233. I hope everybody has a good one!


I live near Cambridge in UK - I bet I could fly to Amsterdam quicker than you could drive :grinning:

Once I’ve got some more time under my belt, I’m planning on doing some more travelling again. I think I may well come to Netherlands again. I haven’t been there for 10 years. I’m also planning to get my drivers license so maybe if I can, I’ll make it a thing to drive over there. It’ll probably only take about 6 hrs to drive it!


Would love that Mischa! Public transport might be a better option to get here though, parking your car in town will cost you a fortune. Rooting for your exam!



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Day 1045,

Woke up relatively late again. Trying to change that habit and making a start with some morning routine. Will be a though one. Meeting was fine yesterday evening, but a lot of triggers in the shares. One guy tried to kill himself last Friday, good that he shared it but it was getting to me yesterday just like other stories as I mentioned yesterday. Don’t know were this world is heading to, but I have to change that thinking too. Keeping it at ODAAT if I think otherwise it gets overwhelming pretty soon. Some appointments with therapists this week, one with the treatment centre to discuss the results of some tests they did. It’s descriptive, so not like you have this and this, more this happened and let to….,Another with my re-integration coach. Now going to the gym and have some lunch there too, after that some cooking, writing it down here for accountability. Since I really need to pick that up.

@Mno touch is so underrated in nowadays society. Did the first year of a haptonomie course (don’t know the English word) a few years ago, which is based on it. For now a virtual hug :people_hugging:



Congratulations on your 1 year of sobriety @Maestro :clap:t2::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Day 553

Huge congratulations to @Mischa84 and @Maestro . And @Amy30 glad your mental health is improving and 289 is really great! @Mno my friend I think you nailed it.

Connection in the real world. I feel a lot of folks do not have real friends in rl. It’s so strange to an old hippie like me. Besides TS I just don’t believe anyeffingthing on social media. There is probably a smattering of misrepresenting here but Facebook is a joke. Thousands of "friends "? Horsepoop! You’re an awesome human Menno just be yourself and the right folks will be drawn to you. Great photo once again.

Edited cuz I shorted myself Doh!