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So very proud of you Megan! I’m glad u were able to see some huge positives today even though your work stuff is not going so well. You really have come a long way! It may not feel like it at times but the fact that you immediately threw out those razors, says ALOT! Hugs Megan! :tulip:


:high_brightness: Morning Check in :high_brightness:
Day 166
Had a rough sleep last night but the day is beautiful today. Slightly cool from our thunderstorm last night, so it’s a nice relief. I’m on my way to work. Saw on the schedule that there is a new coworker working with me today. This usually makes for a long day with this particular client bcuz she almost always AWOLS and trashes her place and name calls etc due to mtg new people. She just struggles with trust. Everyone that works with her has gone thru this, including myself. I am praying today that I have the ability to calm her and help her thru this :pray:
Hope everyone has an addiction free day



Happy Saturday everyone!! Got up decently early for a change . Going to try to stay busy today . Try to help someone or give back . Try to not go back to bed till 10pm . Try to pick up my guitar and work on some songs . Go skate when it cools down . Most importantly I need to do the best I can today and not look backwards negatively. I hope everyone has a good day … God bless


What we think about, we bring about :slight_smile: I feel the positivity in ur words and I know you’re going to have an amazing day!


Checking in… again… doing my yardsale, got up at 5 am and it’s been going well. It’s 10 am now and thoughts of drinking come rolling in… the last yardsale I did, I drank and just had the yardsale all day… grrrr. Going to take this one moment by moment. Love y’all :heart:


Thank you so much ! :grinning: hope you have a awesome day as well


Do what you can for today … know when to take breaks. I understand those drinking thoughts trying to sneak there way in !! Realistically think about what that drink does !! A drink is to go backwards and you are moving forward one day at a time . Good luck and have fun with the rest of your yard sale . You got this !! :grinning:


Good morning, checking in Day 3! I woke up to some humor that made me laugh :rofl:. I love to laugh, I love funny things, comments etc. Our world (at least the US) has become so uptight that we need to tiptoe around words. Has anyone seen the Office with Steve Carell? I think it’s one of the funniest shows written, of course that would never be accepted today. I’ve never watched the UK version with Ricky Gervais, my guess even more cringe worthy.

I understand bullying, or shaming should never be accepted. But humor is what can bring people together, can heal sadness. I laugh at myself daily, the world can be a funny place. :grin:

Happy Saturday! Live, Love and Laugh sober! :hugs: :purple_heart::tulip:


@Beth2 , Your post made me so emotional this morning because that is exactly what’s it’s like for me.

I’m super down this morning because I drank last night and what the hell? I just admitted to everyone here about my small slip the day before.

I felt so positive and motivated and then in one moment that addict voice told me “it’s ok, just one. It’s hot. You can have one drink and sit outside and read your book. Your daughter’s out tonight. Just enjoy yourself”

I tried to talk to my husband about that voice in my head before I drank. The only thing he said was
" I hear you-it is hot!". And I knew that he was going to have beer later too.
There’s so many things I could have done in that situation to avoid taking a drink. Firstly I should have checked in here and not with my husband. Secondly I should have been the one driving my daughter to her friend’s house because then I wouldn’t have been able to drink until I got home and it would have given me time to cool down in the car and reconsider, but instead I asked my husband if he could drive her and so he did. (And he knew why I wanted him too)
I poured my first drink, then my second, then my third-all even before he got back home. Honestly.
I have to remind myself it’s the first drink that’s the most important. I need to stop telling myself I can have just one because I honestly can’t and even if I can one night, the next night goes all downhill. And then yes, physically sick, anxious headache all of that. I’ve actually been worried about my kidneys lately because I’ve had severe lower back pain. Last night I was so nauseous. I’m trying not to beat myself up about this but I just feel like I have completely let myself and also everyone here down.

100 percent!!!

So I’m going to be checking in here anytime I get an urge right away and I’m not going to be talking to my husband about it anymore because I swear to God he likes it when I drink. He says that’s not the case, but honestly I think he just wants me to come down to his level. I know that sounds awful to say but that’s how I feel. I think it makes him feel better about himself. I don’t know what it is but all I know is he really does encourage it. He never tries to discourage me and he always makes excuses for me. I’m not angry with him. I don’t think he’s doing it to be intentionally mean… I just think it’s an absolutely unhealthy dysfunctional relationship with alcohol on both of our parts.

Anyways sorry from rambling I had to get this all out and if you made it through reading this all, I appreciate it.
Thanks for posting Beth. I needed to read this this morning.


Hi Miranda, I don’t have any great advice or revelation for you except that when I started over this time, I realized I reset 8 times! I only wrote about the 1st, now 2nd one. :grimacing: Today I’m on day 3.

I’m here for you, holding your hand, sending hugs and we can do this together. :hugs: :heart:


Avoiding that first drink. I can’t have just one. Replay in my head-over and over and over. I’m going to join another meeting today.
Thanks Maxine​:heart::purple_heart::sparkling_heart:


I know I can’t have one, yet I’ve still tried many, many times. We’re human, never beat yourself up. You’re a beautiful lady. When your inner voice says you can, just say


no god please no

:hugs: Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy??


Day 312 checking in


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 1,464 Sober.

God Bless!


Day 287 AF

Good morning gang

I have to work today, but it’s all good. Saturdays are not too bad.

The kids and the fam are healthy, can’t complain.

One day at a time. Stay strong.

Q: How do you create another tracker on TS?



You tap on the 3 lines at the top left corner of the main screen and then tap on manage :slight_smile: u can add another one on there


I clicked everywhere, but there lol. Thanks.

You smart!



Haha ur funny lol but thank u! Glad my directions was good enough to understand :slight_smile:


341 days today. i went hiking yesterday. our group visited a waterfall, climbed stones, walked in the stream… we also swam in the waterfall. it was so cold! worth it though. i was pretty sad after it was over. today i went swimming during a storm. very fun. although it seems like i need something like that to happen every day because i forget things very fast.
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