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Checking in day 826.

I have started seeing someone… its crazy. Taking it day by day, it feels soooooo weird.
I have never spent time with the opposite sex in this manner before, all new for me. I may be checking in more often as I navigate these new feelings.



Enjoy it ! :slight_smile:


What a wonderful new adventure. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey guys. Checking in day 21. Happy to made it to 3 weeks.
I have experienced some urges. But in the end I dealt with them
@SelfLove_42 I really enjoyed the first episode. I have a feeling this will be a very good series.

Bye guys. Much love.


@felipeandrews The feeling will pass it really will. You’ll feel so much better tomorrow if you wake up sober and know that you made it through another craving. You can do it please check in with us and let us know how you are. I gave in on day 24 and I’m still regretting it. I’m back to day 4. I wish I hadn’t given in. I would have been at day 34… One drink sets you all the way back it’s really not worth it. I’m sure you know that! Don’t let your addiction take control.


Congratulations on taking a chance with someone🙂


Congratulations girl,

Dudes awfully lucky to get your attention.

My best advice, be you. Be open and honest, cause I know you are, don’t move faster than your comfortable with.

If he doesn’t like it, he’s missing out tell him to kick rocks


Day 3 and I’m reaching out to as many people as I can remember right now and more when I can think of them and being real and sincerely apologizing for the damage and just treating people terribly.

I think it’s part of real progress that I need, to accept the responsibility of the past so I can correctly move forward. This is going to be really hard because I’m starting with friends and work people and then moving forward to family, which will be tougher but I’m going to do.
I need to be responsible and real and accept the responsibility of the things I did or I’m never getting anywhere further. Those people deserve to hear it directly from me and I need to be part of my own repair process.

I want to be an agent of change and part of my own life. Everyone deserves better; they do, and so do I.

Here we are in the future.


Waking up to day 4, time to get up and do a little exercise/ stretching. Apart from an ick taste in my mouth (was hoping I had avoided it this time around) and a very minor headache, I’m feeling pretty good!
It’s been a while since I reached day 4 and I’m feeling proud.
Ok time to get up and start the Monday.
Have a great day everyone!!


Hey thats so exciting!!! Really happy for u!!! :rose:


Checking in
Really tired right now. I have literally been sitting in the office for the majority of the shift as my client is very aggressive and prefers his own space. He just tells us what he needs or when we should leave him alone. I have 1 hour left of work.
So while I am sitting here, I am planning hubbys bday on the 15th. He will be turning 48. Getting him a couple nice gifts. I think this will be his 1st clean and sober birthday so that’s cool! I also scheduled myself 3 days this week for me to hit the gym. Got my stuff written down and feeling ready to go! Only 3 days tho cuz I don’t want to create an unbalance which could potentially get in the way of my spirituality and my focus on recovery. I guess that’s about it for my day so far. Nothing exciting. Just can’t wait to head home lol


Lucky guy!

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Tonight will be day 33 of no self harm

Apologies for not checking in yesterday. Had another family Saturday and I was just so fed up and exhausted. Nothing major happened it’s just my family getting shitty as usual.

Tomorrow is my grandpa’s gallbladder surgery. I am so incredibly scared. He is my world and really the only person who loves me irl. I don’t know how long the surgery will take, but I’m gonna work on school while he’s in surgery so my brain doesn’t have room to think about worst case scenario.

Today I’ve just been watching ink master and playing some games. Trying to keep my brain busy but relaxed. I’ll update you all tomorrow as soon as I know how the surgery went


Day 29

Weird day. Ate some food that was almost bad and now i feel sick.

Got some work done on my art and did basic things like laundry and dishes, but also neglecting more serious responsibilites, like organizing important papers and studying.

Tired. Glad im sober.


It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in here, so hi to all the new folks. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is day 234 for me, and I’m really struggling with melancholy. We lost four friends during the month of March to suicide, murder, and tragic accidents, and I truly feel like I’ve grieved and came to terms with those deaths. But every day I think I should be feeling better, I don’t. I’m having a hard time wanting to talk and interact, and usually I drown myself in music and it helps, but I haven’t even felt like listening.

I have depression and go through these phases, but this one is extra heavy and lasting way too long. I have zero desire to drink, and I am trying to pick myself up, but I could use some support. I appreciate y’all. :yellow_heart:


That is a lot, and totally ok to need time to grieve. You don’t need to rush feeling better. Deepest condolences.


Congrats @Its_me_Stella In Italian we have a saying ‘piano piano vai luntano’ which translates as ‘slowly slowly you’ll go far’
@ShesGotMoxie thinking of you in these difficult times.


Grief is a difficult thing. It takes time. I’m sorry you are feeling this way. It’s so much to process…all of that loss at once. I think it might take longer even though you feel you’ve grieved and come to terms with it. Honestly, I can’t imagine. I’m sending you a hug💖 Remember these feeling will pass. There is hope and there is light. I wish there was something I could do.


I’m glad you checked in Moxie. I cannot imagine what you are going through. And your family. That’s just too much death for anyone to have to deal with and mourn for. Of course you are depressed. And it’s going to take time. I cannot think of anything else except time. One lousy day at a time.

I know we’ve talk about God before and I think I know how important faith in God is in your life, and in mine. But I really struggle with the so called perfect plan of His. That’s bullshit!! And I got some questions about all that when my time comes. I will still lean on my God and take His power for strength and for healing. But perfect plan? Or He has a reason for this? Bullshit!! I don’t know. I have a hard time with that. And you know what? That’s ok.

I wish I had some advice that could help you. You know we’re here for ya. You’re an import piece of this TS community. And I am glad you’re here. And I’m constantly impressed how you handle yourself. That in itself must be exhausting.
Great big hugs to you my friend.
Always around for ya.