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What an inspiring share @Billy85
Congratulations on your one year sober and clean.
Be proud of yourself :pray: and and have a wonderful start to the next year sober. ODAAT


Day 28 AF
Day 146 doc
Day 0 ciggarettes

Happy Monday all. Grateful to be alive and sober with no desire to drink or use. Stil working on quitting ciggarettes. I will start wearing my patches again today!

Feeling okay today. Anxiety is lessening. Have a lot to do in regards to job search and finances and my children, yet I know my recovery must come first. Being easy with my self. Productive morning. Got some cleaning and organizing done. My oldest son’s space is.kore.organized as he moved into the basement. It’s cute and mature. So I’m glad I was able to tackle that task in an hour when I’ve been trying to do it for a few weeks now.

Need to follow up with the union regarding my job with the school.board. As I received a termination notice last week. I have always submitted my paper work on time regarding medical leave yet missed correspondence when I treatment last fall so praying for a positive turn out.

My finances :disappointed_relieved: made a lot of bad descsions and with me not working I have to consolidate and rebuild. Thankful sober and.alive to begin again. With a clear.mind, armed with knowledge of next steps and the discipline to plan and budget I am filling hopeful. This evening preparing my son’s Terriuniam with him for.the arrival of his new pet tommorw a Crested Gecko!

Hope everyone has a strong and Serene 24.:pray:t5::purple_heart:


14 days weed free. 2008 days alcohol free.


Day 722
So far today is going pretty good!! Im returning my sons bike today that we borrowed from an organization (its too small for him now) and it is supposed to be an AM pickup time. Its almost noon and they arent here yet so Im slightly annoyed. BUT… while waiting, I did my gratitude list and prayer, swept/mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuumed, did dishes, made a desert for later tonight, and organized the living room. So at least I was productive. Im only waiting until 1230 and then Im heading to the gym. Thats a priority bcuz i havent exercised in 4 days and Im feeling it. Had a couple thoughts about my DOC today also. Its amazing how subtle these thoughts can be. Wonder if they ever go away? Going to grab a smoothie after the gym and then relax i guess until my son comes home from school. Overall im happy with how today is turning out. Hope everyone is enjoying their day also!


Congratulations on 2 weeks!!


1291 days without alcohol and the alcohol /drug dreams are still full throttle. I’ve been taking magnesium and Vitamin D before bedtime, it’s amazing for my immune system but my dreams have been so off the wall! I’ve been waking up grateful to not be hung over. Life is good! My baby is now 17 months old and I’m still working at the preschool! It’s very busy chasing a toddler around and working so I don’t get on here much.

I haven’t told anyone in this town about my struggles with addiction, but last Sunday at church the pastor’s sermon was about addiction and asking for help. At the end of his sermon he asked anyone who had “beat addiction” to stand up and so I did because I didn’t want anyone else standing to feel alone. Idk how it felt to stand there, I had tears in my eyes. People were clapping, it was super weird. Got me swirling around in my head about my past a lot. I have been running from her. I’ll never forget how much this app saved me, so I thought I would stop in and say Hello. Y’all saved me. I owe my life to all of you here. So love you. :kissing_heart: Hope all is well. :slight_smile: Still fighting the good fight, still winning.


40 days free of alcohol
34 days free of THC

Thank you @Lotusflower i really needed those words of encouragement today. I can’t expect things to get better magically overnight. I just have to be patient. I just wish I wasn’t dealing with finding a job stress and health stress at the same time. But it is what it is. Thankfully I was able to get my doctor appointment moved up to this Friday. It is tough being in constant pain. But I’m on the right path. And at least I’m not hungover, that is the worst!!

Thanks @JazzyS im still feeling a ton of emotions but just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. I hope I can stay strong and remember why I’m staying sober. :pray:


Having a bit of a rough one today. Migraine, my sinuses are on fire, I tweaked my neck and lower back (not sure how) and can’t turn my head without pain, just all around uncomfortable. If it keeps up I’ll likely be canceling my dentist appointment for tomorrow until I feel better, it’s an implant surgery and that sounds like a bad idea in this state. Bummer. This will pass. I at least made it out of bed today, which is a positive. And it is great having my husband home after his week away, definitely cheers me up. :heartpulse:


Way to go @Billy85 ! So very happy for you! Congratulations on everything!:star2:


Thanks for checking in Sarah. Always great to see you. You keep going and keep growing. Super proud of you Lady. We’re in this together and I’m forever grateful to you for being a part of my Journey too. :heart: :people_hugging: :heart:


3.97 no cbd
202 no ciggs or vapes
271 no alcohol

This baby is driving me bonkers
Archer is ok in mommas belly
The plan is to induce her this week

God is watching over me


Hi Lauren, :blush:

What I am learning is that we recover together by supporting one another.

Your health comes first without that we have nothing. Gald you were able to get your doctor’s appointment moved up.

One step at a time. You can do this!:pray:t5:


That’s it. Trusting. God is watching over you! Your doing great!:purple_heart:


Keeping myself accountable bed time check in :white_check_mark:

Laying here like wow I’m home! Not sure why it hasn’t sunk in yet. Maybe because although it is home, it looks different - for the better. So yh feels like home, been through alot to get here and I guess it all feels too good to be true.

I did the front garden today, I knew if I just waited I’d enjoy it and do a proper good job.
Won’t be long before I get outside to the back garden next :laughing:

Have all the pets on the bed keeping warm with me,
Still sober.

Hope your all ok :hugs:


Day 336

I missed the turnover to 63. There were already well over 100 unread replies in thread 62, and I just can’t keep up :confused:

I hope you all feel empowered by this brilliant community. I certainly do. Wishing you people from all around the world a great sober day/night.

Love :heart: and strength :muscle:


Thanks. It will all be worth it once i can test negative for thc and apply to a CDL school. Thats the goal anyways.


So nice to see you checking in Sarah :pray:t2::heart:


Checking in day 16 been an ok day, still feeling a bit unwell but on the mend. Noticed I’m eating a lot more junk food since quitting drinking which always happens, need to keep an eye on it. I’ve also quit vaping/cigarettes (but I only smoked/vaped when I drank anyway) & decided to quit caffine. Maybe doing a lot at once but tbh at the moment the caffeine is the hardest one as I was never a daily drinker anyway more of a binge drinker at the weekends. But caffeine I’ve had religiously everyday for years. Anyway… I’ve started now so may as well continue! Not completely quitting caffine I’ll have the odd coffee when I’m out here and there but just not drinking it daily like I used to. So I’ve had one cup in the last 2.5 weeks when I went out to a cafe. Looking forward to when I’m completely recovered from this flu so can get back to exercise as I think that will help me get my eating back on track!


Day 36.

In Arundel in the south of England for a night away.
Have had a wonderful, sober evening in a lovely Italian restaurant.

I couldn’t help but notice the couple on the table opposite. (I find I’m hyper-observant of whatever booze is going down.)
Early 40s. He had a couple of pints of beer; she had a cocktail; they shared a bottle of wine; then wines by the glass; then Irish coffees and liqueurs.

Well, that would have been me. And it still wouldn’t have been enough. Of course it wouldn’t:

But not this time. We had a delightful evening - and it was WAY better sober. Whoop, whoop! :smiley:

Winner: me / us.
Loser: that whiny little drinking voice. (That got told to F&@£ right off!)

Hope you’re all having a great day! :star::heart: