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Day 35 free from alcohol
Day 16 free from toxic relationship

I am fine… No cravings at all!
I think i got it this time!
Still staying awake that the devil is behind the next corner!

I am using my new Nuxe bio products for my face every morning and evening, reminding me how healing sobriety is :crystal_ball::herb::blue_heart:!
Products were a gift to myself for 4 weeks :muscle:t2:
My skin looks awesome! :sunglasses:

I am not that hungry anymore, rather the opposite! Not hungry at all last 2 days.
I let my body lead this…

The last toxic relationship recedes into the background, I no longer think about him and get in touch with him!!!

I’m doing my online workshop and focusing on self-love. I make the exercise from the workshop and defined a few standards and deal-breakers for how I envision a new relationship. :pray:t2::revolving_hearts:

I try not to think too much but to enjoy the day and the things that come and happen.
This is challenging for me… Due to personality type and instability in relationships beginning in childhood.

I give my best… Everyday is a new opportunity to practice!

Coffee is over soon… :panda_face:
I will hop on the mat now to do a lovely Yoga sequence. I am sooo much back into it since a few days, rediscovering my body. :woman_in_lotus_position:t2::purple_heart:

Sending love and peace :revolving_hearts: :peace_symbol:
Take care and stay sober :v:t2:


#Day 1437 :nazar_amulet:
The last days of our holiday we are staying in a appartment in Kas, Turkey.
It’s a city near the sea. We arrived yesterday. Rented a car to get here. There is alcohol everywhere because there are a lot of tourists here. Many of them Russian and they like to drink loads. But I do not do alcohol, not anymore.
So instead I try all the fresh made fruit juices. My favorite right now is the carrot juice.
3 weeks before my 4 year sober milestone and I’m not going to ruin that for a short time feeling.
Not to mention the day after and my feeling of guilt. Not worth it.

Picture from the old fires we saw yesterday. They burn at least 2500 years the said.
See you! :raising_hand_woman: And sober shall we, we do this together!!


Coffee. One day of working a late shift ahead. Followed by a ‘normal’ weekend. Sober and clean.

The meeting with my therapist was intense yesterday. Emotions running wild. Got away from it exhausted. I still made it to my experiential expertise class which was a bit more theoretic this time so less emotional which I was glad about. Picnicked with my good friend and her daughter at night which was nice, and good I went despite my tiredness. I need a life outside of work and schooling and therapy too. Balance.

Have as good a day as you all can friends. Make it clean and sober. It’s why we’re here. Love from Amsterdam. Glad I had some time in between activities to sit and chill in the flower garden.

@SoberWalker Have a safe and sober trip home Claudia!


Thank you very much Menno. At monday a short flight and thuesday a longer flight with swith to another plain in Romania.
I’m a bit anxious with flying, but I manage :sweat_smile:
Glad for you that the other therapy has started, but it seems much. Therapy sets so much in motion, is it doable?


I’m still in the process of starting up the second group therapy. I did a first intake and will start it in October. It’s called Pesso therapy and is aimed at dealing with childhood trauma.

I did 18 months of schema/psychodynamic group therapy which was more aimed at the (unhealthy) coping patterns that evolved within me as a child. That helped me loads but it didn’t address the trauma. So that’s next. I hoped I’d be cured by now but alas :upside_down_face:.

The therapists giving the Pesso therapy say it is necessary to have an individual therapist as well (a “regiebehandelaar”), to help process all that will happen and comes up in the group therapy. For now that’s one of the two therapists who did the schema therapy. First therapist ever I got a good connection with.

Because of insurance and company rules it’s quite complicated to keep her as my individual therapist but I’d like to keep her. I feel safe with her and a good relationship with a therapist is by far the most important thing in having a successful therapy. Much more so than the type of therapy even.

Anyway. I wished I was done with therapy and I didn’t think I’d be in this for years but it’s what it is. I do think I have lots to gain from it still. On we go. And is it doable? I’m doing it. So I guess it is doable. It’s my personal journey of discovery and I love it even when it’s tough.


Heading to my parents which is usually a massive trigger but already told them I’m not drinking.

Bring in the weekend.

Have good ones all.


Wow, this fire is amazing. :astonished:


Day 330
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know how important you are in this community, for everyone and also myself.
Not having the greatest day today, but I feel less alone knowing I have you guys supporting me.
You guys never let me down :hugs::orange_heart:

I always say it iv never had or seen support like I get here and see others sharing with eachother in my life.

I’m going to go for a snooze and hopefully it re starts my thought pattern.
Everytime I have needed support there is always someone here, many of you actually and when I’m feeling how I am now it gives me so much comfort to know you all care.
Anyway going to take an hour snooze then hopefully il be feeling more like myself :slightly_smiling_face:
Just want you to all know how important your support is, and how caring it is here
I’m lucky to be apart of this community :dizzy:

The positive is its 11:30am still plenty of time to change this day around to a happy one.


Yes I know it is. I worked in a psychiatric hospital for 10 years. And this is something we always mentioned to the clients. I had a few sessions with a therapist a year after my mom died, 17 years ago. It helped me cope with the mourning progress. It was good but hard as well.
I do not know schema therapie. Curious what it is, going to Google for it.
Thank you for the update Menno :+1:


I hope you are just as aware of the importance of you and your support to everyone here as well. There have been many times when a post from you has turned my mood completely around. And the great way this forum works is most of the time you weren’t even talking to me! So take your wee nap and when you get up your day will be restarted and you will be ready to face the world head on! :heart:


Hey all, checking in on day 803. I hope everybody has a good one!


Feel better soon @Twizzle00 we all feel the same about you too!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Day 805 clean and sober today. Hard to believe it’s been 21 years since my wife passed away. I hope everyone has an amazing day, love you guys!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Day 5 for me! Almost a week. I am feeling clear headed and my sleep has improved huge this week.

Ready for a sober weekend with my Liquid Death lime sparkling waters :sparkles:

Happy Friday, sober fam!


Day 745

Over night trip to a lake with the fam. The usual married couple bickering driving here and organizing stuff. Then lots of playing in the water with the kids, and a lovely soak in the public bath, and a super delicious dinner. At first I was slightly annoyed that we got two free drinks tickets that became two beers for my husband, but there was a machine with a good selection of soft drinks, so that appeased me quickly. The food was a buffet so it was funny seeing our preferences come out. My son ate probably 30 mini tomatoes and lots of fruit, my daughter ate purely carbohydrates, I ate tempura, sukiyaki, salad and dessert, and husband was too full of those beers to eat much.


Day 118.
I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. Things have been going well though. There were no further mistakes made at my school as to whether he was in class or not. It was down to them changing his form class (but not updating the class lists) after the difficulty he’d been having with some classmates last year. One of the solutions was to break the group of boys up which seems to have been a really good move. My son has also been signed up for some after school activities which has been good.
There’s just a really nice vibe in the household now. The kids have been enjoying eating at the dining table now that I got a new tablecloth, and they like to set the table all fancy. I also got a jigsaw that we’re all working on, and that’s been really nice. I like the way that conversation unfolds when you’re focusing on finding the right pieces.
Here’s to a relaxing weekend ahead.


Day 15 Af
I woke up this morning and decided I will not be attending a wedding I was invited to tomorrow. Idk but it was on my mind as soon as I woke up. I do believe it’s too soon and the temptation is definitely going to be there. Majority of my family will be drinking and I know myself so “Nope” im staying home.
So I pretty much have a free weekend to do whatever I want.
I don’t know why I haven’t told nobody except my husband, brother and best friend about this new journey im taking in life. I guess cause I don’t want people to question me about it or ask me why. I always drunk at home after work and it got quiet so nobody knew I had a problem or shall I say a bad relationship with alcohol.
So for now I just choose to take this personal journey alone for now. It’s not everybody business anyways lol.
I’m debating on going to the gym before work or just being lazy and resting a bit longer.
I don’t know. I will check in later.
Feeling kinda blah this morning.


Good morning. Still sober. Hope everyone’s having a great day.